Toubkal 2011, photos of the ascent

Musics composed by FM of Bouillon Academy

Morocco is a mountainous country with 100,000 km2 of land over 2,000 above sea level and the High Atlas covering more than 700 km. There are some 10 summits over 4,000m and 400 over 3,000m. Among them Toubkal, called the djebel Toubkal or mountain of mountains by the Berbers, with its summit at 4,167m, dominates all of North Africa – some even maintain it is Africa’s highest mountain. The Atlas Range stretches across southern Morocco, separating the desert plains and towns bordering the Sahara. Marrakech is the door to the Range with a view of summits (snow-capped in season) on the horizon. Berber tribes have lived in the mountains for thousands of years; they live off the land in tough conditions, and are friendly and hospitable.