Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Visit of Essaouira, pearl of the Atlantic Ocean, built by the same architect as St Malo.
Delicious fish fries.
Purchase of local specialties, strolling in the port.
Ultimate dinner in a magnificent Ryad of the medina with musicians and dancers.
New sequence of mutual congratulations and thanks.
Bar, dodo…


Saturday, April 23th, 2011

Stroll in town (villa Majorelle, Bahia palace, Menara ..) then lunch on the terrace overhanging Koutoubia.
Last interviews.
Dinner in the hotel.
Not too bad !!!


Friday, April 22th, 2011

Back in Imlil (1744m) where we shall find our combi for Marrakesh.
Light hearts.
Clear minds.
Thanks to all our supports.

Arrival at the hotel for lunch.
Finally a meat meal at will and... French fries!
No, just kidding, but still a "gratin dauphinois"!
Well-earned rest then at the pool (a bit green and cold but fancy) followed by memorable cocktails and dinner.
Bedtime for most.


Thirsday, April 21th, 2011

Back to 2000m without too much trouble, crossed in ford sports but successful.
Mechoui and birthday cake tonight (Martine).
Well deserved festive atmosphere.
Many thoughts for our families.


Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

18h53 - Magnificent ascent today right from the early morning.
Rather good conditions but very windy.
Summit (4.167 m.) reached in 4 hours.
Exceptional mental of the team which, in moments of doubts, has bounced back thanks to the excellent team spirit.
We were initially 20 and 19 of us arrived at the top! Congratulations also to the film crew who did a wonderful job and was herself moved by the warmth and humanism of the interviews.


Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

16h39 - We just arrived at the refuge of Toubkal (3200 m).
Perfect schedule.
Everyone is doing well and is very excited.
Snow since 3000 m.

Tomorrow, studs, rope, ice axe and heading for the summit!
Toubkal, here we come!


Monday, April 18th, 2011

Great big day of trekking yesterday but perfectly managed by everyone.
Very warm welcome in the shelter and excellent meal.
After a good rest, restart this morning with excellent mental.

Dinner at Imil (Little Chamonix of the Atlas), then nap and start to our next lodge.
On the menu : Moroccan salad, tuna and rice.. Yum!
Think well of you ...


Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Arrived well.
Little foggy this morning on Marrakesh. Sun in our hearts.
Breakfast on the terrace after a short night and then heading for Oukaimeden, point of departure of our trek.